GUMC Teaching Academy for the Health Sciences

Fall 2015 - Inaugural Teaching Academy Membership Cohort
GUMC Teaching Academy inaugural class – fall 2015

Announcing New Domain Of Expertise: Educational Scholarship!

The GUMC Teaching Academy for the Health Sciences is pleased to announce two new membership options beginning this summer!

First, the Task Force on Educational Scholarship has completed its work in the creation of a template for those with applying to the GUMC Teaching Academy with expertise in Educational Scholarship. Guidelines and the domain-specific templates are available on the Teaching Academy’s Applications Process page. A one-on-one meeting with a teaching academy representative to discuss the plan is required prior to submission. 

Second, the GUMC Teaching Academy Selection Committee will be accepting applications for current members interested in moving up the trajectory to the highest level of membership: Distinguished Educator.  For membership at this level, a faculty member must assemble a portfolio illustration expertise in three or more education domains.  A one-on-one meeting with a teaching academy representative to discuss the plan is required prior to submission.  Deadline for Distinguished Educator is July 30 as applications for this level of membership require both internal and external peer-review.

A Teaching Academy is a Community of Practice

The Academy, as a Community of Practice, strives to cultivate a community of faculty across the medical center dedicated to GUMC’s educational mission. The core purposes of the Teaching Academy are to nurture, recognize and reward excellent teaching at GUMC; to engage our faculty educator in ongoing professional development; and to foster educational excellence and scholarship in health sciences education.

So what is a Community of Practice?  It is a group of people who share a passion for something, and who want to learn how to do it better. Through regular interactions, community members engage in collective learning.[1]  Among their activities, they glean experience from the expertise of colleagues; discuss challenges and together seek answers to address them; and design innovative ways to use – or reuse – ideas and resources. No time to read right now?  No problem. Click to download a sneak peek!

A Community of Practice

Image representing a Community of Practice
Image representing a Community of Practice

The greatest strength of a Community of Practice learning model is its peer-to-peer faculty development approach.  Faculty can enter at any level of expertise and participate, as time and interest allow. Our model is one of inclusiveness. The Academy is there to support our community of practice by promoting & enabling professional growth; providing services to membership; communicating opportunities and engaging participation in those opportunities; and assessing and planning for the future.

Applications for Associate, Protege, and Principal (Full) Members are accepted year-round. In-person and virtual workshops and individual consultations are available in an ongoing basis.

[1] Wenger-Treyner, E, & Wenger-Treyner, B. Communities of practice: A brief introduction. Retrieved from 

Current Membership – GUMC Teaching Academy for the Health Sciences

The GUMC Teaching Academy installed its first membership cohort at the November 3, 2015, GUMC Fall Convocation. Sixty-eight members were installed, 22 of whom were installed as Principal Members in one of the education domains: Direct Teaching, Curriculum Development/Instructional Design, Advising & Mentoring and Educational Leadership. Our current membership stands at 69 members. Breakdown of membership is available. Applications are accepted continually. The Teaching Academy Selection Committee meets three times per year: April, September, and December.

Deadline for consideration is the 30th of the previous month. For example, the deadline for the April review is March 30. The deadline for the September review for Distinguished Educator is July 30 and August 30 for the other membership levels.


CENTILE Teaching Academy Proposal [PDF]

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