How to Apply for Membership Renewal

  1. The first step is to review the criteria and rubrics posted below and prepare the application materials. Principal members and Distinguished Educators need to prepare a current CV which highlights (in yellow color) the items relevant to your domain of expertise. 
  2. Decide if you want to renew at the current membership level or apply for a higher level.
  3. Renew at the current membership level, after you have prepared the application materials according to criteria and rubrics, please use the following link to fill out the renewal application form online.
  4. Membership at a higher level requires a new application using this link here

Application Deadline

The GUMC Teaching Academy Renewal Committee meets two times a year to review applications. Applications are due on January 31 and August 31. Please apply before your membership expires. For example, if your membership starts on November 1, 2015, it expires on October 31, 2020. You have to apply by August 31, 2020.