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IAMSE Spring 2022 Webcast Audio Seminar Series

To Infinity and Beyond – Expanding the Scope of Basic Sciences in Meeting Accreditation Standards

Continuing with our exploration of how basic science education can be leveraged for student success, this sequel to our Winter series will expand upon the traditional roles of basic sciences and venture into unexplored areas. What is the role of basic science education in (1) interprofessional training, (2) social sciences curricula, (3) service-learning, (4) pre-clerkship integration, (5) and self-directed learning? These domains are cornerstones of medical education and closely align with accreditation elements for the LCME, COCA, and other accreditation bodies within the health professions. To familiarize basic science educators with these five domains of medical education, leading experts will present on each during this five-part webinar series. The speakers will provide the audience with an overview and discuss current topics and issues relevant to each domain as well as outline opportunities for basic science educators to become involved. This series will build a framework through which basic scientists can leverage their content to meet a variety of accreditation standards. At the end of the series, the audience will be better prepared to contribute and advance these domains so crucial to the formation of successful clinicians.


  • Developing IPE Utilizing Current Simulation Approachess
  • The Construction of a Social Medicine Curriculum at the University of Vermont
  • Designing Outreach and Service Learning Programs to Effectively Meet the Needs of the Community, Faculty, and Medical Students
  • Towards Integrated Medical Education: Getting the best out of interdisciplinary teacher teams and leaders
  • Strategies for Incorporating Self-Directed Learning into Basic Sciences Education

Registration is free for GU students, faculty and staff – Georgetown School of Medicine
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IAMSE Winter 2022 Webcast Audio Seminar Series

How do the basic sciences and the educators who teach them still matter?

This five-part webinar series will incorporate viewpoints from educators around the globe in shortening an 18-month preclinical curriculum to 12 months (session 1), the relevance of research in the medical school curriculum (session 2), innovative strategies and persistent challenges when incorporating diverse basic science topics into the clerkships (session 3), professional identity formation among medical students (session 4) and assessment in the absence of USMLE STEP 1 (session 5).

  • January 6  at 12PM EST – Nadia Ismail, David Rowley and Munder Zagaar (Baylor College of Medicine) present New Horizons: Restructuring the Basic and Clinical Sciences Beyond USMLE
    View Recording Here (new window)
  • January 13 at 12PM EST – Rachel Wolfson (The University of Chicago) presents Research in Medical School — Impact on Career Path
    View Recording Here
  • January 20 at 12PM EST – Michelle Daniel (University of California San Diego) presents Integrating Basic Science in the Clerkships: Innovative Strategies and Persistent Challenges
    View Recording Here
  • January 27 at 2PM* EST – Michelle Lazarus and Shemona Rozario (Monash University) present Identity Shape-Shifting:  How Basic Science Teaching Practices Can Foster Identity Transformation From Medical Student to Medical Professional
    View Recording Here
  • *Please note that this session will be held at 2PM EST.
  • February 3 at 12PM EST – David Harris presents Rethinking Assessment Strategies in the Basic Sciences as Step 1 Goes Pass/Fail

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IAMSE Winter 2021 Webcast Audio Seminar Series

USMLE STEP-1 is Going to Pass/Fail: Now What do We Do?

  • Jan. 7, 2021 12 p.m. EST – Mark Jordan and Justin La present “The Challenges of Resident Candidate Assessment and Selection” (Watch here)
  • Jan. 14, 2021 at 12 p.m. EST – Doug Gould presents “Pass/Fail Step 1: Implications for a Foundational Science Department” (Watch here)
  • Jan. 21, 2021 12 p.m. EST – Jonathan Amiel presents “USMLE Step 1 P/F: A UME Curriculum Dean’s Perspective” (Watch here)
  • Jan. 28, 2021 12 p.m. EST – Brenda Roman and Bruce Morgenstern present “Step 1 Going Pass-Fail: Are We Just Kicking the Can Down the Road?” (Watch here)
  • Feb. 4, 2021 12 p.m. EST – Jack Boulet and Bob Can present “USMLE Step 1: Osteopathic and International Perspectives”

IAMSE Fall 2020 Webcast Audio Seminar Mini-Series

Navigating the Effects of COVID-19 on the 20-21 Residency Application Cycle 
Presenters: Maya Hammoud, Versa Pleasant and Kelly Santos-Parker
Session: Sept. 17, 2020 at 12pm Eastern Time
View the session here

PA and PT Admissions in the Time of COVID-19:  A Panel Discussion 
Presenters: Jeremy Turkall, Erika Brooks and Thomas O’Shea
Session: Sept. 10, 2020 at 12pm Eastern Time
View the session here

Medical School Admissions in the Time of COVID-19: Maintaining the Integrity of Holistic Review 
Presenters: Christina Grabowski and Leila Harrison
Session: Sept. 3, 2020 at 12pm Eastern Time
View the session here

IAMSE Spring 2020 Web Seminar Series – Sessions Resume Aug. 13

*Note: The password to view the archived series is IAMSEWASSpring20

Evolution and Revolution in Medical Education: Health Systems Sciences

After a temporary interruption caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 IAMSE Spring Webcast Audio Seminar Series will be wrapping up next week. This season has focused on health systems sciences. Health Systems Sciences has evolved as the third pillar of medical education, integrated with the two historic pillars—basic and clinical sciences. To address this curricular innovation, the Spring 2020 IAMSE webcast audio seminar series has been exploring the implementation of Health Systems Science (HSS) curricula in medical education. This Spring, we lined up multiple speakers to shine a light on the topic across multiple landscapes in medical education. In our fifth and final session, we welcome Drs. Stephanie Starr of the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine and Jed Gonzalo of the Penn State College of Medicine.

The Broccoli of US Medical Education: Key Health Systems Science Challenges 
Presenters: Stephanie Starr, MD and Jed Gonzalo, MD, MSc
Session: August 27, 2020 at 12pm Eastern Time

U.S. Medical Schools are significantly changing curricula to meet the evolving needs of health systems by incorporating more Health Systems Science into their programs. Although much progress has been made over the past several years, significant challenges remain. The successful implementation of HSS is challenging due to the need for new curricula, novel assessments and evaluations within the workplace, the development of educators, resource allocation, and the receptivity and engagement by students and faculty in this learning agenda. In this session, the facilitators will articulate several of the key challenges facing Health Systems Science education, and suggest strategies to address these challenges. To fulfill the obligation of preparing the next generation of systems-ready physicians, the medical education community must develop a shared understanding of these challenges to catalyze change.

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