Membership Criteria and Categories

There are four levels of membership in the GUMC Teaching Academy: Protégé, Associate, Principal, and Distinguished Educator.

  • Protege: Open to residents and fellows interested in teaching at GUMC
  • Associate: Open to new faculty hires with interest and dedication to teaching at GUMC
  • Principal: Evidence of outstanding performance and achievement in at least one of the following domains:
    • Direct Teaching
    • Advising and Mentoring
    • Instructional Design/Curriculum Development
    • Educational Leadership/Service
    • Educational Research and/or Scholarship
  • Distinguished Educator: Evidence of outstanding performance and achievement in at least three of the above domains

At the Nov. 3, 2015 GUMC Fall Convocation, the first cohort of 68 members of the GUMC Teaching Academy were installed, 22 of which as Principal Members in one of the five education domains. Since then, membership has grown to over 112 members.

The Teaching Academy would be happy to guide prospective members for which category they would be eligible and which one best fits their achievements, involvement and professional development goals in teaching.

Benefits of Membership

  • Recognition of excellence as an educator
  • Rigorous peer review of evidence of teaching quality and quantity that may be beneficial for academic career recognition
  • Membership in a community of practice
  • Travel grants to education conferences (only members are eligible for CENTILE-sponsored travel grants)
  • Access to special programs – faculty development opportunities
  • Longitudinal faculty learning communities
  • Access to educational research and scholarship support

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Active Participant (minimum of two events annually)
    • Colloquium, Grand Rounds, Workshops, Book Club, Webinars
  • Active Contributor (10 hours service annually)
    • Committee member or chair
    • Mentor for junior faculty
    • Workshop/book club/webinar facilitator
    • Presenter at the Colloquium for GUMC Educators
    • Peer observation
    • Scholarship consultation service